Oral Suctioning

Our Training will provide the necessary skills required to ensure safe clinical practice after completion of our program. This will then allow the Client & Carers/ Employees to ensure safe work practises for the Cared

Epilepsy and the Safe Use of Seizure Control Medication

NOTE: This course is only available as a private course booking where we deliver the training at the clients premises. It is not available as a public course PURPOSE OF THIS TRAINING An explanation is given to the trainees of the various signs and symptoms of epileptic seizure, and how to treat it. This includes […]

Paediatric First Aid

This program is most suitable to health care staff, parents & relatives who would like to be best able to respond to a crisis situation involving children of all ages, but particularly up to 5 years of age. The program can be specifically developed to suit the Client involved. The subjects chosen may include the […]

Oxygen Therapy

This program aims to teach participants the safe method of using oxygen & delivering this medical gas to those who require it. Participants will be able to recognise the dangers involved in Oxygen delivery, when it should be used, how much to be used & the signs/ symptoms associated with successful delivery or when to […]

Automatic External Defibrilator (AED) Training

This training program explains, demonstrates & trains people in the methods to Identify the need to use an A.E.D. How to deliver adult, child & infant CPR Adult, child and infant inspections for conscious and unresponsive persons Safety when performing CPR When to use an AED How to use an AED This will be to […]

EVAC Chair Training (Evacuation Chair)

This short training program is suitable for workplaces where such chairs are an integral part of the evacuation system. It aims to demonstrate to the staff how & when to use the chair: Who Needs an Evac Chair rescue? Mobility Impaired Blind Asthmastic Deaf Injured Elderly Infants Pregnant Athritic Epileptic Angina ‘Evac+chair’ is a universal […]

Client/Person Handling and Moving Techniques

NOTE: This course is only available as a private course booking where we deliver the training at the clients premises. It is not available as a public course. This is a 1 day training session for up to 10 employees, involving the theory aspects of prevention of back injury to the lifter and injuries to […]

HIQA Training

We provide a range of services which the H.I.Q.A., the Health Information & Quality Authority are demanding of public, private & voluntary providers. These include specific Assistance with preparation for, or implementation of, HIQA inspections & reports HIQA Risk Assessments & Risk Management Procedure development, Hazard Identifications Training programs for Management & Staff Infection Prevention […]

Care Home & Healthcare Management Training

This program can be built into a FETAC Safety & Health at Work, level 5 Program. This can also be delivered as a shorter awareness program, according to customer wishes. The program aims to explain the legislative requirements on management of all caring environments, whether they be directors, the registered provider, person in charge, director […]

Care Support

This course is designed to equip the learner with the skills and knowledge to work effectively in a care setting. The course aims to promote good practice and respect for diversity in lifestyle, religion and culture in care work. Trainees who successfully complete this course will: Understand the responsibilities and entitlements of a care worker. […]