5 things you should know about MEWP’s!

What are MEWPs?

It’s a mobile machine, basically a Cherry Picker, Scissor Lift, Boom Lift or any other work platforms that are elevated off the ground.


Why do we use MEWPs?

They are quickly replacing the likes or ladders and scaffolds as a preferred method of access. It is used to move persons to working positions where they are carrying out work from the work platform and consists at a minimum of a work platform with controls, an extending structure and a chassis.


What should we be aware of when using MEWPs?

Sufficient training for operators is key, it’s not just about knowing how to use them but developing an understanding of the safety precautions to be able to anticipate any difficulties. Most often than not, employees are asked to use them without any formal training which does means not being compliant with safety regulations. MEWP operators should have attended a recognised operator training course and received a certificate, card or ‘licence’, listing the categories of MEWP the bearer is trained to operate.


How do the most fatal and serious injuries involving MWEPs arise?

Entrapment: operator can get trapped between part of the basket and a fixed structure

Overturning: the machine may overturn throwing the operator from the basket

Falling: an operator may fall from the basket during work activities

Collision: the vehicle may collide with pedestrians, overhead cables or nearby vehicles.


Why is training important?

Training helps prevent accidents which are costly to any workplace. It also increases safety awareness overall which brings commercial benefit in terms of having more educated and informed employees and it also enhances productivity.


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