Manual handling

Manual handling takes place in all workplace environments.  It is a physical activity, where in most cases it does not cause problem or issue. It does however have the potential to become a workplace hazard when an employee is required to handle very heavy loads that could result in workplace injury.

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 to 2016 state manual handling training is required whereby ‘at the outset the employer will need to carry out a full risk assessment of existing manual handling tasks before making an informed decision on what manual handling tasks need to be avoided or reduced’. It incredibly important to actively implement what you have learned during training when working in environments that require you to use your body to when dealing with heavy loads.

Actions to be wary of when working in a role that requires the employee are risk factors such as heavy load assessment, repetitive motions and awkward posture. These are amongst a variety of factors that could result in an individual putting unnecessary and avoidable strain on their body, strain that could have damaging results. So remember, manual handling is an important course to have under your belt. It provides us with the knowledge in how to carry a heavy load in a precise and undamaging manner. Check out our selection of manual handling courses with the following links