Asbestos Risk Management

The Ayrton Group has many years of experience in Asbestos Risk Management. We can assist in determining the specific risk that each ACM poses based on the level of occupation in the area where it was found.

We will produce an Asbestos remediation Project Plan for your refurbishment or demolition project which can be supervised by your PSDP and building/demolition contractor.

We are committed to producing client-specific policies and management plans with detailed procedures that ensure asbestos is managed in accordance with the regulations. These include:

  • Preparation of project-specific management plans
  • Advice on remediation
  • Preparation of asbestos removal specifications
  • Labelling
  • Evaluation and selection of asbestos removal contractors
  • Preparation of Tender documentation
  • Assessments of critical evaluation-of-method statements

Site supervision and PSDP

  • Asbestos air monitoring and preparation of Certificates of Reoccupation
  • Annual re-inspection to update the Asbestos Register

If you have a requirement to manage Asbestos Risk in your facility or project, please complete the Enquiry Form on this page or get in touch on (01) 8385595 or (021) 4210331.