Ammonia Safety Awareness Training

Ayrton Group provide an Ammonia Awareness Training course which we have designed for all personnel who may come into contact with Ammonia in their workplace (including Anhydrous Ammonia (R717) Refrigerant). 

The following is a simple sample of some of the course contents:

  1. Overview of refrigerants (CFC, HCFC, HFC and Natural Refrigerants)
  2. Principles of the vapour compression system
  3. Major components of a liquid overfeed system
  4. Cooling Tower principles
  5. Basics of legionella
  6. Ammonia as a Refrigerant
  7. Flammability and Toxicity
  8. Ammonia Chemical, Physical & Physiological properties
  9. Employees & Employers Duties
  10. Potential Hazards  Risk Identification
  11. Associated Emergency Equipment
  12. Preparing Emergency Procedures
  13. Ventilation
  14. Leak detection alarms
  15. Using the correct P.P.E. & Respiratory Protective Equipment
  16. Permit to work systems
  17. Environmental Issues
  18. Ammonia Pressure Testing & Leak Testing
  19. Strength test procedure
  20. Pumping Out and Discharging Ammonia from the System
  21. Decanting Ammonia from a Refrigeration Plant
  22. Labelling Cylinders & all storage utilities
  23. Refrigerant Storage
  24. Charging Procedures in the area of Ammonia use

Course Aim

This training is designed to make increase our participant’s awareness of the risks and safety procedures involved in handling Ammonia, and how to prevent accidents/ injuries & leakage.