Confined Space Training – Option 2

Ayrton Group can provide you with a number of solutions to your Confined Spaces Training requirements. You may require Confined Spaces Training for the following reasons:

  • an insurance requirement (maybe following an audit or inspection)
  • mandatory training, specified by law or regulation
  • as a result of a HSA inspection or advises
  • do you need the training as part of yor duty of care to staff & to help ensure compliance

At Ayrton Group we provide a number of standard training programs or we can tailor a program to meet your budget, schedule and your exact requirements. Our standard programs are presented below.

  • Courses can be run every week by Ayrton Group.
  • A course can be run specifically for you, at your premisesor at Ayrton Group at very short notice, if you have an urgent need.


  • C1 means: Confined Space- Management of Risk
  • C2 means: Confined Space- Supervision of Risk
  • C3 means: Confined Space- Escape & working Breathing Apparatus.

Who Should Attend

The programme is designed for persons at any level that are required to supervise, monitor or enter confined spaces