Confined Space Training – Option 3

Ayrton Group can provide you with a number of solutions to your Confined Spaces Training requirements. You may require Confined Spaces Training for the following reasons:

  • an insurance requirement (maybe following an audit or inspection)
  • mandatory training, specified by law or regulation
  • as a result of a HSA inspection or advises
  • do you need the training as part of yor duty of care to staff & to help ensure compliance

At Ayrton Group we provide a number of standard training programs or we can tailor a program to meet your budget, schedule and your exact requirements. Our standard programs are presented below.

  • Courses can be run every week by Ayrton Group.
  • A course can be run specifically for you, at your premisesor at Ayrton Group at very short notice, if you have an urgent need.

According to your needs , additional durations may be required. Essentially, this Ayrton Group training can build into a 3 day program, which includes

  • Day 2: BA: Full training on the use & maintenance of Breathing Apparatus (BA) equipment
  • Day 3: Specific Rescue techiques, which demonstrate to those designated with responsibility to evacuate a ‘man down’ from a confined space. This is a practically based day of training.

This training is certified by Ayrton Group, delivered by registered Instructors and meets all the National Training requirements.”


Who Should Attend

These programs are designed for persons at any level that are required to supervise, monitor or enter confined spaces