Laboratory Safety Awareness Course

Course Contents

  • Legal Overview- Employer & Employee duties in current legislation.
  • Routes of Entry of Hazardous Substances- how hazardous substances can adversely affect us depending on route of entry, dose and duration of exposure.
  • Classification of Hazardous Substances- site-specific information in relation to particular hazardous substances can be addressed in this section.
  • Labelling and Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Associated hazards of compressed gases- Handling, use and storage.
  • Overview of Control Strategies in relation to the Handling of Hazardous Substances- PPE, Biological Safety Cabinets, Fume Cupboards etc
  • Safe storage and compatibility groups
  • Spillages and hazardous waste disposal

Course Aim

This is a half or a full day course, depending on the clients requirements, designed to provide the course participants with the appropriate knowledge of their responsibilities within the Chemical Agents Regulations and an understanding of the safe steps required to safely interact with hazardous materials.