Oral Suctioning

Our Training will provide the necessary skills required to ensure safe clinical practice after completion of our program. This will then allow the Client & Carers/ Employees to ensure safe work practises for the Cared

Who Should Attend

  • What is Oral Suctioning?
  • When is Oral Suctioning likely to be required/ indicated?
  • Contraindications to/ why not use Oral Suctioning
  • What are the potential adverse effects of suctioning
  • Anatomy & Physiology/ Biology of the upper airway
  • What checks are required before Oral Suctioning
  • When do we use/ what is the Application of Oral Suctioning
  • What should we monitor after Oral Suctioning/ what to look out for
  • Disposal of and Cleaning of used equipment- infection control
  • Documentation; what do we record
  • Reporting and Dealing with Faulty equipment

Course Aim

This training course aims to give trainees the skills, knowledge and understanding to carry out oral suctioning on service users/ adults/ children in their care. Based on practical and theoretical elements, this will equip trainees with the knowledge they require to carry out the practice, as well as the understanding of the legal and professional implications. This is effectively ‘shallow suctioning’ of the oral cavity/ mouth.