Oxygen Therapy

This program aims to teach participants the safe method of using oxygen & delivering this medical gas to those who require it. Participants will be able to recognise the dangers involved in Oxygen delivery, when it should be used, how much to be used & the signs/ symptoms associated with successful delivery or when to stop.

This half day program covers:

  • Airway Management
  • Treating Respiratory failure
  • Recognising when Oxygen is necessary
  • Benefits of Oxygen Therapy to the Casualty
  • Continuous Casualty Monitoring
  • Use of Guedel Airways and Other Equipment
  • Use of hand held suction units
  • Safety in the Presence of Oxygen
  • Flow Rates and Gauges
  • Illnesses and Conditions
  • Storage of Oxygen Cylinders
  • Handling of a Casualty in and out of the water.

Participants must complete a practical and theoretical test at the end of the course.

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