Get a taste for food safety!

At Ayrton we LOVE our food. Seriously, you should see lunchtime in our office – a bunch of Jamie Oliver & Nigella Lawson wannabes! Oh, and the odd Instagrammer.. (yes we have some of those here too!)

So whether we’re lining the pockets of our local Deli owner, sitting in a nearby cafe, or enjoying a delicious lunch at our favourite restaurant, we appreciate what goes into the preparation of a tasty meal. We also know that it’s a legal requirement that all food handlers undertake food safety training.

Ayrton Group have the expertise you need, and participants of our food safety training will receive a comprehensive training and knowledge about food safety, good hygiene practices and HACCP.

Our Basic Food Safety & Hygiene will take place at your premises and will last half a day. From Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness, to Prevention of Food Contamination, the course covers a wide range of modules and will end with a short multiple choice test.

For clients working in the food & catering sector (e.g. industry, service sector, Catering, Hotel, B&B, Crèches), distribution and wholesale we provide our Primary Course in Food Safety which is certified by EHOA (Environmental Health Officers Association). The cert is valid for 5 years and details of the premises are recorded on the EHOA database.

This is in an in depth 2 day course, with full details HERE

For all information on our Food Safety courses then click here , or use the contact section!

In fact, let’s do lunch!