Irish dancers not allowed to take part in St Patrick’s Day parade in Drogheda for ‘safety reasons’

Irish dancing has been axed from a St Patrick’s Day parade for “safety reasons”.

Gymnasts also won’t be allowed to take part in the festive march in Drogheda, Louth, on Sunday.


There will be no Irish dancers performing in Drogheda on Sunday

Parade chairperson Anthony Lynch said the dancing caused delays along the route.

The committee were advised to make the changes by gardai.

Anthony told the Drogheda Leader: “The dancing led to long delays, with many people thinking the parade had finished before it had.

“This will hopefully help with the speed of the marchers by not allowing dancers.

Tens of thousands of people will attend the Dublin parade

“It’s unfortunate as people do enjoy watching the Irish dancers and other dance schools.

“It’s out of our hands at this stage.”