National Safe at Home Week

This week at Ayrton we’re celebrating the importance of safe at home week! We of course are incredibly big advocates for safe work places and the importance of safe working environments for all. However, we are also adamant believers that what you learn within these courses can be brought home and applied to achieve the optimum safe place in your home also.



National Safe at Home weeks highlights the importance of safety at home. Home is a safe place and it is naturally ingrained within society that it should be space of comfort and security. With this said it is so important to apply the same care you have learned to apply when take precaution at work, to apply this caution at home to ensure safety always.



Think work safety, think home safety – there should be no difference in efficiency and stringency of method when considering one’s safety. Think food safety, think fire safety and think ergonomics – these are all concepts that should be handled with care throughout every aspect of life, from work to home.


We are advocates for safety at work, and at home. So, this National Safe at Home week know safety, no accidents!

By Melissa Hegarty for Ayrton Group