At one with nature… literally! Be safe on Naked Gardening Day!

Yes you read that correctly. May 6th is WORLD NAKED GARDENING DAY!

So it’s time to go starkers…. In the nip… au naturale… totally naked and get outside and trim the garden. (Safely of course)

So what can one expect from some naked gardening? Well, it’s going to be a little dirty. And you can expect some Vitamin D but where the sun doesn’t usually shine….


So if you’re going to be cutting the grass, pulling some weeds and planting some flowers while not wearing a stitch, then you need to be careful! There are a few things to consider, not least giving your neighbours a frightening sight, and the local Gardai!


Things to consider when you’re doing your nudey gardening range from Biological Agents, Chemical Agents and potential electrical hazards to manual handling, to slips trips and falls!



A risk of infection can come from Tetanus from soil, Leptospirosis (Weils’ disease) from contaminated water, Legionnaires’ disease from contaminated water aerosols in fountains, and accidental exposure to needles when picking litter. One can also experience Adverse health effects from exposure to pesticides such as weed killers, pest control products or other hazardous chemicals.

Ergonomic hazards include over reaching and repetitive motions often in combination with force. There’s a risk of Musculoskeletal disorders from Lifting too heavy items, Over reaching or stretching, Lack of or failure to use mechanical aids e.g. wheel barrows, hand trucks etc. and failure to maintain manual handling aids.

If you’re working from a height and do not have the necessary equipment you could fall resulting in physical injury.

Now go forth, take it all off, bare all – but be safe!!! For more, read here

Naked Garden Day