Atex Safety Awareness Training

ATEX Directives govern worker protection in Hazardous areas (where there are flammable substances which have a risk of explosion). This 1-day course highlights and explains the practical and legal requirements outlined in the EU ATEX Directives, and would be highly relevant to anyone who works within an environment where flammable substances are used or stored.

Course Overview

Course Content:

• Legislation and Relevant ATEX Regulations and Directive.

• Symbols and Signs for explosive atmospheres.

• Permits to work other documentation and records.

• Classifications of ATEX Zones and areas.

• E.P.D’s (Explosion Protection Documents).

• How to prevent ignition sources leading to disastrous situations.

• Recognising ATEX Zones, areas and flammability risks.

• Discussions/workshops around historical accidents (for future prevention).
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Who is this course for
Personnel responsible for process safety in the workplace, Engineering Managers, Production Managers, EH&S Personnel.
Course Aim
On leaving this course delegates should understand the requirements of the Directive, what permits and procedures are required, and how to ensure compliance. Attendees will also gain a better understanding of how to mitigate hazards, and how to identify potentially hazardous areas and ignition sources.
Course Objectives
• The requirements of the Directive and the Explosive Atmospheres Regulations
• What procedures and permits to work are required
• What steps need to be taken to achieve compliance
• What flammability data is required
• How to identify hazardous areas
• How to identify potential ignition sources
• How to mitigate explosion hazards
The trainee will gain a ATEX Safety Awareness certificate upon completion.
Course Requirements
Good level of English
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