Basic First Aid - Suir

The course is designed to allow participants attain a basic understanding of key First Aid situations and their treatment. It will enable participants to act as a back up to Occupational First Aiders in an occupational setting and/or respond to an emergency prior to the arrival of more qualified personnel.

Course Overview

Course Content

• An introduction to First Aid

• Casualty Assessment

• Heart Disease

• CPR and choking on adults

• Wounds and Bleeding

• Altered levels of consciousness

• Musculoskeletal Injuries

• Burns

• Poisons
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Who is this course for
This course is designed for anyone looking for or needing a knowledge of the Basics of First Aid
Course Aim
Following this training, the participants will be able to take control of an emergency situation, identify what the potential problems are and treat the person, either until they recover or further medical care arrives at the scene.
Course Objectives
Participants will be taught to:
• Identify an emergency situation or accident & how to take control of this
• Staying safe & not placing oneself in more danger
• How to treat bleeding, shock, bruises, broken bones, burns and other treatments which may be required for your workplace
• Resuscitation techniques & ABC
• Preparing the accident victim or situation for further care, such as by a doctor, nurse of medical crew.
Course Requirements
Good Understanding of English
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