Basic Food Safety Awareness

Ayrton Group provide a range of training options for our clients within this sector, so one of our food safety and hygiene training courses will suit you whatever your requirements are.

Course Overview

Course Content

• Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness

• Modes of Transfer of Infection

• Prevention of Food Contamination

• Dangers of Food Contamination

• Proper and Safe Methods of Food Handling

• Protective Equipment

• Other Relevant Subjects
Course is currently unavailable to book online
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Who is this course for
This course is for anyone working in the area of food production, preparation and delivery, in the retail, hospitality, industrial and healthcare industries.
Course Aim
There is a legal requirement Regulation (EC) 852/2004 that all food handlers undertake food safety training commensurate to their duties, and to comply with this in a practical manner our Food Safety Trainers have the expertise to suit your needs! This course can be delivered either online or direct on the client's premises.
Course Objectives
Participants of this training will receive a comprehensive training and knowledge about food safety, good hygiene practices and HACCP.
Course Requirements
Good level of English
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