CSCS 360 Degree Excavator

This is a SOLAS, Construction Skills Certification Scheme, CSCS course. This course covers a wide range of operating conditions and activities, and aims to promote safe working practices which comply with current legislation.

Course Overview

Course Content:
• Legislation & Regulations
• Employer and employee responsibilities
• Safe Working Practices
• Machine components and functions
• Correct operating techniques
• Pre-use checks and basic maintenance
• Road Travel (where relevant)
• Types and characteristics of materials and load
• Site Safety
• Shut down & securing procedures
• Theory Examination & Practical Assessment
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Who is this course for
Those employees who operate a 360 Degree Excavator as part of their normal work duties or those who are responsible or in control of those who operate a 360 Degree Excavator.
Course Aim
The aim of the this programme is to enable trained 360° Excavator operators to gain recognition through assessment of their skills and knowledge for the safe and efficient operations of a 360° Excavator in construction.
Course Objectives
This course is designed to give students the skills, knowledge and attitude which will enable them to operate 360 Degree Excavators in a safe manner in accordance with manufacturers instructions and statutory requirements.
Course Requirements
At least 6 months experience operating a 360° Excavator , working under supervision in the construction industry, within the last 2 years.
All trainees have to have a valid Irish Safe Pass
All trainees have to have an Irish or UK PPS number. If they have a UK PPS number we must be informed before the date of training in order to request a process number from SOLAS.
All trainees have to be able to read, write and understand English on their own. – If not then a SOLAS approved interpreter needs to be provided on-site for all training.
The Interpreter needs to be approved in advance of the course and must be capable of translating Technical Words or “Jargon” associated with the programme The full course must then be in this language. Non-English speaking learners are not permitted to attend an English language course.
All SOLAS Candidate Packs need to be completed and returned to us at least 72 hours in advance of a booking being confirmed, where applicable
NOTE: SOLAS rules require 7 full days notice of our intention to run a course.
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