Electrical Safety Training

To give participants an appreciation of the hazards involved when working with or in the vicinity of low voltage electricity (< 1,000 Volts AC). This course is intended for non-specialist attendees, working with electricity.

Course Overview

Course Content

• Legislation and Safety.

• Basic Electrical Principles.

• Electric Shock & its effect on the Human Body.

• Electric Arc Flash.

• Electrical System Protection.

• Dead Work and Lock Out/Tag Out.

• Live Work – Definitions, Requirements & PPE.

• Electrical Equipment Walkdown – Highlighting potential electrical hazards.
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Who is this course for
This course is designed for all employees in all industries, who may be working in the presence of electricity.
Course Objectives
On completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Identify the correct legislation in relation to electrical safety
• Know the importance of electrical safety systems
• Pick out the hazards associated with electricity.
• How to avoid or reduce hazards.
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