Lorry Mounted Crane

The term lorry loader covers an extraordinary range of equipment. The smallest compact lorry loaders are fitted to builders’ pick-up trucks and vans often with a lifting capacity of less than 500 kilograms and are manually operated. This contrasts with a top-of-the range lorry loader fitted to a purpose-built tractor or four axle truck. These could be fitted with a knuckle boom and up to 8 hydraulic extensions lifting in excess of 150 tones, and with a reach over 30 meters.

Course Overview

Course Content:
• Duties of operator

• Responsibilities of operator

• Pre-Shift inspections

• Maintenance of machines

• Hazards associated when operating the machine


• Inspections of machine before use

• Risk assessment in working environment

• Wearing of correct PPE

• Loading / Unloading of different types of loads when using chains or slings

• Recognition and use of approved hand signals
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Course Aim
This course is aims to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them to load, unload and move materials safely.
Course Objectives
To ensure that all participants are trained in the correct and safe operation of a variety of lorry loaders.
Course Requirements
Good Level of English
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