Safety & Health at Work for Safety Reps Course

A Safety Representative is an employee elected by their fellow employees, whose main role is to represent them to management on all health and safety issues.
This course give the learner an awareness of the duties of a Safety Representative and helps promotes Health and Safety in the workplace.

Course Overview

Course Content

• Legislation (common, civil and criminal) as it applies to the employer and employee

• Communication skills for safety in the workplace

• The Safety Statement

• Hazard identification & risk assessment

• Accident reporting and investigation

• Construction regulations

• Project Supervisor Design Process

• Project Supervisor Construction Stage

• Work at height

• Personal protective equipment (PPE)

• Safe manual handling

• Fire safety and emergency arrangements

• Emergency evacuation procedures

• Machinery and work equipment safety

• Workplace safety signage

• Transport in the workplace

• Stress, bullying & disciplinary procedures

• Auditing & safety management

• Systems review
2 days

Available Dates

start date:
18/10/2021 (9:15 am)
available spaces:
start date:
11/11/2021 (9:00 am)
available spaces:
start date:
13/12/2021 (9:00 am)
available spaces:
Who is this course for
Anyone wanting to become the Safety Rep on behalf of the Employees
Course Aim
Our safety representatives course aims to give learners an understanding of health & safety legislation. It will equip them with the skills which will enable them to fulfill their role as Safety Representatives.
Course Objectives
On completion of this course the learners will be able to:
• List the responsibilities of employers and employees.
• Understand their new role of Safety Representative.
• Better understand the consultative process within their organisation.
• Identify typical workplace hazards & assess associated risks.
• Investigate accidents & recommend preventative actions.
Course Requirements
Good understanding of English
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