Safety Statements

Our Safety Statement consultants will conduct audits of workplace hazards and risks in order to present you with a safety statement which fulfills your legal obligation.

Consultancy Overview

As part of our Safety Statements consultancy service we conduct a comprehensive audit of your premises, procedures, equipment and staff to identify and assess any hazards and risks. Upon completing this audit we will present management with a report that will form the basis of the safety statement and is tailored to your specific workplace. The safety statement is designed to outline safety procedures, policy’s, resources, equipment and controls. It acts as a commitment by management and staff to promote and follow health and safety measures in the workplace.

Consultancy Programme

The completed safety statement will include:

  • Legal obligations on employers

  • Access to the safety statement

  • Drafting the safety statement

  • Identification of hazards

  • Assessment of risks

  • General policy

  • Safety arrangements and controls

  • Statement of Organisation

  • Responsible persons

  • Directors report

  • Revision of the Safety Statement and other applicable information

Consultancy Benefits

A safety statement is a legal requirement under section 20 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act of 2005 and once completed, our safety statement consultancy service will ensure you are fulfilling your legal obligation. It is a reference point for management and staff to promote workplace health and safety giving reference to specific policies, procedures, equipment and responsibilities.

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