Do You Need a Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS)?

If you need a PSCS you have a number of different options open to you based on the type of project you have and the resources you have available.

At Ayrton Group our considerable experience in complying with the Construction Regulations of 2013 means that you will get advice on keeping your costs and exposure to the minimum.

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Alternatively, just let Ayrton Group take over the role of PSCS.

With years of experience in this field, and hundreds of successfully completed projects and satisfied clients, you are dealing with probably the most experienced safety consultancy and PSCS in Ireland.

You will have the comfort and knowledge that you have appointed the best expertise available.

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  • Contain your costs
  • Minimise your exposure
  • Be confident that you will have a safe and compliant project

How can we help you?

  • We can assume the role of PSCS for YOU
  • We will liaise with the HSA, Health & Safety Authority, on your behalf

We will coordinate the Construction Stage, which means we deal with the Design team, PSDP, the contractors on site/ planned to work on yourproject and anyone else who is involved on your project. This is all part of a Safety Management System, which is required for any construction project

  • We will prepare the Construction Stage Health & Safety Plan
  • Ensure appropriate Risk Assessments are prepared, as per the HSA requirements
  • We will Co- ordinate the implementation of Temporary Works
  • Provide ongoing assistance to YOU, the client and the construction & construction teams
  • Ensure accidents are reported
  • Take account of the Safety Statement & other work activities taking place on site
  • Monitor Health & Safety throughout all site activities
  • Only permit authorised persons on site
  • Co-ordinate welfare facilities
  • Keep a record of all those on site

You can count on our support throughout the project to help and guide you on all safety related issues. We can take control of all safety & related issues and deal with these on your behalf.

Ayrton Group have in the past, and currently hold the role of PSCS on dozens of projects NATIONWIDE ranging in value from a few thousand euro, up to €550 million.

At Ayrton Group we possess the expertise and experience to assist you on your project, irrespective of size and complexity, so call Ayrton Group today to discuss how we can help you!!

Why You Need PSCS – The Legislation

The following data is quoted from the Construction Regulations 2006, S.I. No 504.

Regulation 7:

The Client has a duty to ascertain the suitability & competence of the Project Supervisor Construction Stage

Regulation 8:

The Client must keep a safety file available: Purpose-safe future maintence, demolition, construction,extension, alteration and other construction works.

Regulation 9:

Client shall provide a Preliminary Safety & Health Plan to everyone tendering for the role of PSCS

Regulation 16: Duties of the Project Supervisor Construction Stage

  • prepare the construction stage safety plan before construction begins
  • update this plan as required
  • take account of Section 20 of the 2005 Act, within this plan
  • take account of the ‘particular risks’ as per listed
  • include the site rules in the plan
  • ensure the plan and side rules are brought to the attention of workers on site

Regulation 17: The PSCS MUST

  • If more than 1 contractor is involved, coordinate the implementation of the General Principals of Prevention
  • Organise cooperation on site amongst contractors
  • Provide information to all those on site, or affected by the works, as per Section 20 of the 2005 Act
  • Provide information to the Safety representative on site
  • Permit access only to those working on site
  • The PSCS must ensure the implementation of the General Principles of Prevention during construction
  • Monitor safety on site continuously
  • Appoint a Health & Safety Coordinator to assist with the functions of safety/ welfare/ health at work
  • Provide site welfare facilities
  • Keep records of all those on site

Regulation 18: Project Supervisor Construction Stage – Safety Advisor

  • Appoint in writing a full time Safety Advisor if there are more than 100 persons working at this site
  • Supervise safety on site

Regulation 19: Safety Training

  • Ensure that all workers on site have Safe Pass safety awareness completed & in date
  • Ensure that all relevant workers posess a valid CSCS safety training card

Regulation 20: Issue Directions

  • Where appropriate, the PSCS may issue Directions to ensure safety requirements are as they should be
  • Notify the HSA if necessary
  • Regulation 21: Safety File
  • The PSCS must collate and handover in an appropriate format, any relevent information to allow the PSDP complete the Safety File for the Client

Regulation 22: Notification to the HSA

The PSCS must notify the HSA on Form AF2 of any construction activity, in advance of site startup

Regulation 23: Safety Representative

The PSCS must assist with the role of Safety representative and provide information & training as may be deemed appropriate.

If you feel you need to hire a PSCS or just need advice why not email Matthew or contact us today on 1890 600 666.