PSDP Options

Your Options for Meeting PSDP Obligations

When the appointment of a PSDP is required, you have a number of options to you to make the best use of your experience and to achieve compliance at the optimal cost as follows:

Firstly, the appointed person/ body must be ‘competent’ to take on this important role. They should have the educational qualifications, background knowledge & experience for this role.

  • You may appoint a firm such as Ayrton Group, who have many years of PSDP (and formerly PSDS) experience.
  • You may appoint yourself as PSDP- if you are competent.
  • You may appoint yourself as PSDP & if you feel you do not have the competency, followed by additionally appointing a firm such as Ayrton Group as Health & Safety Coordinators, as per the 2006 Construction Regulations. The Health & Safety Coordinator carries out the PSDP functions, analyses the various design process issues, deals with the Design Team, can prepare the required paperwork and so on. This is a contractual agreement and is an advisory type role, instigated by the Construction Regulations. This is sometimes a more cost effective solution for Clients to ensure they are compliant with the Construction Regulations, by appointing a Health & Safety Coordinator.
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