Health & Safety Coordinator- Design and Construction Stage

This role has been defined under the SAFETY, HEALTH & WELFARE AT WORK (CONSTRUCTION) REGULATIONS 2006, S.I. no 504. Ayrton Group are presently fulfilling this role on many construction sites throughout the country, both at Design Stage and construction Stage.

The role of the Health & Safety Co-ordinator would include:

  • Inspection of all proposals, drawings & the Preliminary Health & Safety Plan prior to commencement of works.
  • Develop the Design Stage/Preliminary safety plan.
  • Assess the competencies of Designers and Contractors.
  • Meet with, or at least notify sub-contractors individually as they are nominated, of their safety responsibility prior to they coming on site e.g. wearing of PPE etc.
  • Assess their competency to carry out the works safely.
  • Develop the Construction Stage Safety Plan.
  • Ensure the Safety File is kept up to date throughout the construction period and submitted to the Project Supervisor Design Process at the end of the job.
  • Ensure that all statutory requirements are complied with.
  • Give short safety training sessions whilst visiting the site i.e. Tool Box Talks.
  • Ensure all accidents are properly recorded and investigated.
  • Carry out regular site safety inspections on the construction site.
  • Be available to the Project Supervisor Construction Stage for any necessary advice/consultation.
  • Meet the main personnel (Site Managers, Engineers, Foremen & Others) from all the contractors, on a regular basis, to review progress and plan ahead.
  • Develop an induction system for the site.
  • Assist the PSCS when dealing with the statutory authorities, such as the Health & Safety Authority, E.S.B., telecommunications providers, local authorities & others as necessary.

We will be delighted to give you a proposal for either Design Stage (PSDP) or Construction Stage (PSCS)work.