Safety Officer Provision

Ayrton Group can provide clients in the Construction Industry with Safety Officers whom can visit, on an agreed basis, or remain on site for the duration of the site works i.e. full time.

All the regular duties of such a position would be fulfilled by the Safety Officer,

  • Site Inspections
  • Tool Box Talks (training)
  • Statutory Form updates
  • Dealing with the Health & Safety Authority
  • Dealing with all the Sub-Contractors

The Safety Officer becomes part of the overall Construction Team, which helps reduce the possibility of accidents & ill health occurring on the site.

We can provide Safety Officers to our Clients on a contract basis, paid usually at an hourly rate e.g.

  • 3 or 6 month contract, or as the Client requires
  • Full day visits per week
  • Half day visits per week
  • Site Inspections

This assists the Client with compliance to the 2006 Construction Regulations (S.I. 504, 2006) as well as where a Safety Officer must be nominated if there are more than 20 persons on a site.

Prices will be quoted on request specifically for the contract in question.