Safety Plans Construction Stage

A Safety Plan is required for on Construction sites under the 2006, Construction Regulations (S.I. 504, 2006). This involves

  • Site Specific Inspection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Named personnel for the site
  • Emergency arrangements
  • Responsibilities of subcontractors
  • Statutory forms
  • Pre-start up inspection
  • Local services / power
  • Dealing with the public, etc.

To formulate the Safety Plan (Construction Stage) we will require a visit to the site (green field or otherwise) and having access to Development Drawings, Design Stage/Preliminary Safety and Health Plan and any other relevant information.

We will also issue the Notification of site (AF2 form) to the Health and Safety Authority if applicable.

Where your Company is the main Contractor on projects this is likely to be your responsibility. In other situations you may be asked to contribute site drawings and other data to the Project Supervisor Construction Stage’s Safety Plan.