Ammonia Consultancy Safety Services

Ammonia has been the refrigerant of choice for industrial refrigeration systems in Ireland and the UK for over 50 years.  Ammonia (including Anhydrous Ammonia (R717) Refrigerant) is one of the very few natural refrigerants on the market and offers significant benefits, particularly in the face of the impending phase-down of HFC refrigerants.

Many Ammonia refrigeration systems have been operating safely and efficiently in Ireland and the UK for thirty or even forty years.  To ensure safe operation throughout their long life, ammonia refrigeration systems do need to be properly maintained and managed.  Good practice in the design, installation and maintenance, along with compliance with applicable legislation and guides can ensure that ammonia systems continue to provide safe, reliable and efficient refrigeration service.

At Ayrton Group, we can provide you with a range of services, with the intention of ensuring you have a preventative approach to your equipment for safeguarding your staff, neighbours & your plant.

Whether you own or operate a refrigeration unit, a cold storage facility or use ammonia gas for any other purpose, we at Ayrton Group can help you.

These services include:

  • Ammonia Dispersion Modelling
  • Risk assessing all areas of Ammonia storage & usage
  • Compliance with the Irish Pressure Systems Regulations 2012
  • Dealing with the New EU Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Compliance with the ATEX Directives and ammonia: (the EU directives relating to the flammability of Ammonia & Equipment and Worker Protection
  • SMARS: “Safe Management of Ammonia Refrigeration Systems” Guide: The new industry guide (replacing the former HSE publication PM81) for designers, installers, owners and operators of ammonia systems
  • Preparing an Emergency Response Plan (for Hazardous Substance (Ammonia) Leaks)
  • Dealing with the Emergency Services in the event of a leak, and preparation for such a leak
  • Ammonia Gas Detection systems
  • BLEVE; risk assessments of the area of BLEVE & prevention of a BLEVE
  • Evaporative Condensers for ammonia systems (the proper operation, care and maintenance of evaporative condensers & cooling towers)
  • Pressure Relief Valves: PRV types, selection, installation and maintenance
  • Training of your Team/ staff to be prepared for a leakage, what to do, how to prevent such leakage
  • Risk assessments of current signage & advice of signage requirements.