Safety Statements and Risk Assessments

Under Section 20 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act of 2005, every employer must produce a Safety Statement to reflect their work activities. This Safety Statement must be based upon:

  • Identification of the hazards within the workplace
  • Assessment of the associated risks

This means that an extensive audit is required of:

  • the workplace
  • work procedures and processes
  • work equipment
  • management and workers

as the basis of this Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.

A Safety Statement must be based upon a comprehensive Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. This means visiting and discussing the Clients work and needs. The finished Safety Statement will clearly reflect your situation. We carry out Hazard Identifications and Risk Assessment in all types of work situations.

The completed document will incorporate:

  • Legal obligations on employers
  • Access to the Safety Statement
  • Drafting the Safety Statement
  • Identification of hazards
  • Assessment of risks
  • General policy
  • Arrangements and controls
  • Statement of Organisation
  • Responsible persons
  • Directors report
  • Revision of the Safety Statement and other applicable information


The following two minute video explains a safety statement in simple terms.


Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

The carrying out of a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment may require a substantial amount of time auditing your entire premises and /or work procedure.

The Consultant carrying out this will spend time obtaining an overall management brief on the works of the organisation. They will then visit and review areas of operations and consider the work encountered by your staff when they work away from your premises, if this is applicable.

The Safety Statement and Hazard Identification / Risk Assessment will be initially issued to management in draft format. This will enable Management to scrutinise these documents.

It is vital that it truly reflects your workplace and commitment to the Safety, Health and Welfare of all involved or affected by your work.

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