DGSA Consultancy Service

Acting as your Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, Ayrton Group provides audits, inspections, accident investigation & reports and essential training for your business, fulfilling your legal obligations.

Consultancy Overview

As part of our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)Consultancy Service, Ayrton Group will act as your company’s qualified dangerous goods safety advisor. All companies involved in the transportation of dangerous goods by road, rail or inland waterways are legally obliged to have a DGSA to ensure the safety of all transport personnel and the general public.

Consultancy Programme

Acting as yout DGSA for your business, Ayrton Group  will cover the following functions:

  • Monitoring compliance with the legislation governing the transport of dangerous goods

  • Advising the employer on the safe transport of dangerous goods

  • Ensuring that an annual report to the employer is prepared on the activities of the employer concerning the transport of dangerous goods

  • Monitoring the practices, procedures and activities of the employer concerning dangerous goods


Consultancy Benefits

Acting as your DGSA, Ayrton Group will ensure you are fulfilling all legal obligations in relation to transporting dangerous goods. We will identify, assess and reduce risks to promote the safety of staff and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Should accidents occur, we carry out full investigations to identify the cause and provide relevant reports and training to reduce the propensity of a similar repeat accident.

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