Case Studies

Examples of Current / Recent projects:

Client A– we supplied a Safety Professional to a client of ours to cover their Safety Officer during his annual 2 weeks holidays.
Client B– we have supplied a Safety Officer at their large work undertaking on a sub contract role, for 18 months. Here we also cover all holidays & ensure the project has 5 day per week, every week, cover.
Client C– we are supplying a Safety Officer for 1 day per week, indefinitely. Here we have an agreement to receive 3 weeks notice, if & when the Client no longer requires our Safety Officer.
Client D– we are supplying an Ergonomics expert for maternity leave cover, which is anticipated at 6 months.
Client E– we are supplying a full time Safety Officer/ Trainer to a construction site project for its 27 week duration. This Safety Officer/ Trainer has access to the Ayrton Group site Safety Management System, thus saving the client money on having to establish a new site Safety Management System.

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