Stress management for the workplace!

Its International Stress Awareness Day so its time to take stock of stress management in the workplace and the affect on our overall wellbeing!

We are all partial to a stressful day there here and there. It is important to realise that stress is just part of life, some stresses are motivating however some stresses can really impact your work in a negative way! We all have different tolerances levels when it comes to dealing with stress and our coping abilities vary.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a button or switch that can turn off those stress feelings once they start simmering but here are a few tips we can recommend when you feel like you want to take a few minutes out of your work day to de-stress and help alleviate those negative feelings! By doing so, your mind will re-centre and your abilities will thrive.

Coping with work related stress:

Some people thrive on the stimulation of stress however it can be quite debilitating for others! These are the factors to consider:

  • Respect for the dignity of each employee;
  • Regular feedback and recognition of performance;
  • Clear goals for employees in line with organisational goals;
  • Employee input into decision making and career progression;
  • Consistent and fair management actions.

In the incidence of stress, control strategies are methods that can be used to reduce the incidence. Examples of control strategies include:

  • Redesigning some aspect of the work environment. From decluttering your work space to re arranging the office layout, there are many ways you can relieve stress levels!
  • Redesigning the task itself in some way. Taking a different approach than your usual to a task it may help you decrease stress levels, even giving your-self an extra 5 minutes can help with time related stressors!
  • Providing support at various levels. It is important to realise that if you provide a good support structure at work we can help one another over come stress levels at peak times.
  • Providing balanced feedback on performance. With feedback we can learn, grow and understand more how we deal with high stress situations from others feedback.

So there you go, a few things to remember when you start feeling stressed at work! Enjoy a stress free working day and don’t forgot to check out the incredible stress management courses we provide here at Ayrton on

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