Don’t make unnecessary journeys!

Don’t make unnecessary journeys!

‘Don’t make unnecessary journeys, don’t take risks on treacherous roads..!’

The words that will live with us forever, that now famous phrase exclaimed by RTÉ News Reporter Teresa Mannion during ‘Storm Desmond’ as it battered Ireland’s west coast.

Solid advice from Teresa, who had the public’s safety in mind as she made sure we all knew how crazy the wind and rain was! But what if you needed to be on the road that night for work? Or any day for that matter. We’re not blessed with a tropical climate, and those who drive for a living or are involved in fleet management are all too familiar with the hazards that come with taking on the nation’s’ roads. In fact, a  recent research paper by Professor Anne Drummond of UCD found that 23% of fatal road traffic accidents involved a worker.

You need a system that ensures your business – and drivers – are protected from road accidents, damage to cars, trucks, vans and company jets…….. (OK scratch the last one) and not to mention ever increasing insurance premiums.

Here’s a question: If you had to sit your driving test again tomorrow, would you pass?

One-to-One vehicle training is something all those who spend a large chunk of their time on the roads should look at doing. Do you have staff travelling a lot for work? Perhaps a one day training course is something to consider. At Ayrton, we provide a half day lecture to those taking part, followed by one to one vehicle tuition.

Our defensive driving course also offers participants an insight to stats and costs associated with road accidents, ensures drivers are aware of all their responsibilities and helps eradicate poor habits & attitudes. Click HERE for more information, or drop us a line today!