Fleet Management

This consultancy service is designed to increase the safety of all personnel whose work involves road driving.

Consultancy Overview

Fleet Management consultancy is designed to increase the safety of those required to drive as part of their workplace duties and responsibilities. The consultancy consists of a half-day theory based lecture followed by one to one practical tuition in a vehicle. The practical tuition adopts a ‘show and do’ teaching method whereby the instructor demonstrates best driving practices and then the trainee is expected to replicate. Upon successfully completing the consultancy process, trainees and management are presented with a copy of the assessment transcript which highlights areas that require further improvement (if any).

Consultancy Programme

Our Fleet Management consultancy covers the following topics, either through theory or practical means;

  • Road accidents and fatality costs and statistics.

  • Driver responsibilities.

  • Identifying and reducing risks.

  • Bad habits and poor attitudes.

  • In vehicle supervision.

  • Securing the casualty.

  • Road speed according to injury

In order to participate, all trainees must possess and present a valid driver’s license and all company vehicles must be road-worthy, have full registration and insurance if being used on a public highway.

Consultancy Benefits

A proper system of Fleet Safety Management has been proven to help to reduce road accidents, vehicle damage, absenteeism due to road accidents & overall save on insurance premiums.

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