Staffing Solutions

Ayrton Group is the leading provider of temporary, contract and permanent staff in the safety industry for Ireland.

General Staffing Solutions

At Ayrton Group, we have been providing Ireland’s safety industry with temporary, contract and permanent staff for more than 20 years. We work with clients in all sectors, such as information and communications technology, construction, manufacturing, services, and logistics, to assist them in meeting safety obligations.

We recruit quality talent and screen them using professional disciplined evaluation methods to provide the right candidate for a  client’s needs. From safety specialists and project professionals to general operatives, we can help build a skilled contract team to exceed expectations.

Safety Specialists

We pride ourselves in maintaining an exceptional database of qualified, professional staff with experience in a variety of industries and disciplines. Our candidates have excellent practical experience managing projects and implementing safety policies from the employer’s viewpoint.

Our safety officers and consultants work to the highest standard with a driving work ethic and knowledge of best practices in the industry. These experienced candidates are confident in chairing meetings and carrying out investigations and competent in working with the Health and Safety Authority (HSA). They help create a culture of safety awareness by starting with leadership and management and developing a training matrix to be used.

What we offer

Excellent pre and post-employment support to both employees and clients.

Flexible options to suit budget needs.

Short notice cover.

Industry-specific expertise.

Why choose us

  • Quality professionals: Ayrton Group attracts competent, qualified personnel across a range of industries. 

  • Cost-saving: No recruitment, administration or HR/payroll costs.

  • No administrative hassle – Ayrton Group manages all contracts (fixed or unlimited), insurance, medical check-ups, payroll and salaries.

  • Staffing flexibility: Change your headcount quickly to suit evolving needs such as a special project, peak or holiday period, staff leave or illness.

  • Alternative recruitment model: A hiring freeze doesn’t have to keep you from the talent you need with this alternative model.

  • Accurate financial forecasting: While working with us, you can better plan for total monthly costs and budgets.

  • Less risk: We have already vetted potential candidates so you can be confident in their skills and competency.

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