Noise Monitoring

Our qualified noise monitoring personnel will assess your company’s noise levels and recommend solutions to any issues they uncover.

Consultancy Overview

Our noise monitoring personnel are qualified in identifying and assessing your industrial and environmental noise levels, but more specifically, identifying, assessing and reporting on noise level issues. The issued report will include solutions and expert recommendations on how to reduce excessive noise levels found at the customer’s place of work.

All works, findings and reports are made in respect to the 2006 Noise Regulations, S.I. No. 371, 2006 to ensure you are fulfilling all legal obligations and adhering to noise level best practices.

Consultancy Programme

Our noise monitoring personnel are experts in:

  • Building & architectural acoustics

  • Building services acoustics

  • Noise modelling & mapping

  • Noise impact assessments & planning

  • Transportation noise

  • Occupational noise assessments

  • Vibration assessments

Consultancy Benefits

By employing Ayrton Group as your expert noise monitoring consultants, we will ensure you are fulfilling all legal obligations and adhering to all relevant legislation. We will identify and assess your company’s noise levels and provide solutions and recommendations to any issues we uncover. This helps to improve the health and safety of staff who may be exposed to excessive noise levels and reduces the environmental impact you may be having on your company’s surrounding areas.

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