Safety Training

Ayrton Group offer a comprehensive range of safety training courses to promote health and safety in your workplace.

Why Ayrton safety courses?

Ayrton Group safety training courses are designed and delivered with your health and safety at their core. Each course is delivered by a qualified instructor who is competent and confident in promoting and improving health and safety standards within your workplace. The courses are aligned with all industry regulations and legislation so you can be confident you are receiving the highest standard of training.

Our Safety Training

Fully-accredited training courses delivered by qualified instructors at our facilities in Dublin and Cork, or in your workplace. We give individuals and businesses the skills to succeed – safely.

Construction Safety Skills

Our Construction Safety & Skills training courses are designed to give the trainee the knowledge, skills and attitude to safely work on construction sites, inclusive of how to safely operate various pieces of equipment & machinery.

Commercial & Industrial

Our commercial and industrial courses are designed to give the trainee the knowledge, skills and attitude to safely work with industrial machinery and equipment, chemicals & hazardous materials as well as within confined spaces.

Traffic & Transport

Our traffic & transport courses are designed to give trainees the skills, knowledge and attitude to safely operate & manage vehicles and traffic within the workplace or as part of their work duties.


We offer a wide range of safety courses to cover all aspects of your business, including; workplace safety, first aid & wellbeing, food safety and farm safety.

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