Workplace Audits

Our workplace audit consultants will complete a comprehensive audit of your workplace including everything from working conditions and equipment to working records and admin.

Consultancy Overview

Our workplace audit consultants are qualified and competent in conducting comprehensive audits of your workplace as whole. Our consultants will arrive if preferred by client as to be exposed to a realistic working environment and prevent workplace staging. The frequency of these audits is dependent on your business needs and once complete, our consultant will present management with a complete report of their findings.

Consultancy Programme

The workplace audit can include:

  • Working conditions

  • Equipment 

  • Work practices 

  • Worker records

  • Administration systems

  • Administration records 

  • Any subcontracted work within your workplace or business

  • Working Remotely/Home Risk Assessment

Consultancy Benefits

As part of the service we can keep workplace statutory forms, accident reports and investigations up to date, which in turn, will ensure high health and safety standards are maintained. 

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