Construction Site Safety

Ayrton Group is a leading provider of health and safety consultancy services across most sectors
in Ireland today. We provide a wide range of health and Safety services to numerous clients in Dublin, Cork and nationally.

Strategic Advisory Overview

Ayrton Group sets itself apart as a premier choice by offering the finest consultants in the industry, catering to the diverse needs of any construction project. Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of excellence. We understand the intricacies of construction projects and are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service, ensuring the success and safety of every endeavour. When you choose Ayrton Group, you’re choosing a trusted partner that goes above and beyond to meet and exceed industry standards, bringing added value to your projects.

Construction Stage Safety Plan

We provide expert consultancy for Construction Stage Safety Plans, ensuring businesses comply with safety regulations and create secure working environments.

Construction Risk Assessment & Method Statements

Ayrton Group provides comprehensive expertise in evaluating risks and implementing effective work methodologies for projects.

Construction RAMS

Elevate your construction projects with our expert touch in Construction RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statements). We bring a blend of precision and innovation to ensure safety and efficiency in every step of your project.

Construction Stage
Safety Plan & R/A

Revolutionize your construction projects with our expertise in Construction Stage Safety Plan & Risk Assessment. We bring a proactive approach to safety, ensuring a seamless and secure construction process.

Method Statement & Risk Assessment

Empower your projects with our Method Statement & Risk Assessment expertise. We deliver precision and safety, ensuring your work is executed with efficiency and confidence.

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