Know Safety, No Accidents

Ayrton are delighted to announce our new tagline, ‘Know Safety, No Accidents’.  We launched the tagline last week with the release of our video and on a billboard at the annual HSR conference.

Know Safety, No Accidents

Ayrton specialises in everything safety – from training to consultancy to staffing solutions, safety is our thing.  A team that is adequately equipped with safety knowledge related to their work duties, are able to avoid far more accidents.  As this is the heart of all we do, it made sense to relay this in the simple but catchy messaging ‘Know Safety, No Accidents’

There was tremendous positive feedback at the HSR conference.  Here are some behind the scenes photos:

Health & Safety Training


The video we released has also received fantastic feedback – if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch:



The following chart showcases the number of lives Ireland has lost to workplace accidents.  Let’s work together to put a stop to needless deaths by getting more people to ‘Know Safety’

Workplace Fatalities