Safety – like simple pleasures – is often taken for granted when you have it

Safety – like simple pleasures – is often taken for granted when you have it

A lot of times when you think of safety, you think of construction safety, SAFEPASS, or CPR.  Of course, we specialize in these areas, but safety is much broader.

Safety is similar to health, you take it for granted when you have it but when something goes wrong it becomes a matter of critical importance.

And that is a stage no one wants to be in.  It’s much better to allow safety to be a routine, ‘boring’ part of your life and business that you don’t think much about.

And you don’t have to!    We do the thinking for you.

We offer consultancy, helping you create safety plans and providing the statuatory documentation needed.  This can cover anything from playground safety to asbestos awareness to waste management – even assuring that big event you are planning lives up to safety standards so when the event is in the news ‘safety’ isn’t even a thought.  It’s just there.

2018 was a great year for safety in Ireland.  The fatality rate is at the lowest on record with only 1.5 deaths per 100,000 workers.  Farm fatalities are down from 25 deaths in 2017 to 15 deaths in 2018. This is great news, and a testament that people are prioritizing safety awareness and safety training.

However, even one death is too many.  It’s easy to look at numbers and statistics, but when it’s your brother, friend, wife, uncle, colleague… well, that’s life shattering.

We have a host of safety training courses available, as well as consultancy, and even staffing solutions if you need a safety officer or consultant on site for a period of time.

Get in touch today, and let’s make 2019 a year full of all the simple moments that are so easy to take for granted.  Because we still have them.

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