Safety Week: Mental Health – 5 immediate stress busters!

Construction Safety Week runs this week, October 23 rd – 27 th , and each day Ayrton is bringing
you tips, information and advice across various sectors of the construction industry. You can
read more about Construction Safety Week here

Today, we write about mental health. While working in construction often creates an image of
physical labour, we stop to think about the mental side of work and the effects it can have on
us as humans. It’s certainly not unusual to get stressed or down over work issues, so we’ve
compiled a list of 5 immediate stress busters to help you get through the day happily and

1. Take a breath. Yes this might seem like an obvious one, but it’s important to breathe
slowly & deeply. Before reacting to the next stressful occurrence, take three deep
breaths and release them slowly. If you have a few minutes, try out a relaxation
technique such as meditation.

2. Grub. Food glorious food! Now we don’t mean go out and buy a box of donuts
(although that’s definitley an option!) but sometimes, stress can be seriously
intensified by certain mundane things—like taking care of your physical needs. If your
blood sugar level is low, eating can help turn your bad mood around after just a few
bites. Fatty acids and spicy foods might even help a little extra. Go out and buy your
favourite lunch, it will help big time!

3. Phone off. Again, might seem obvious, but switching your phone off can be a quick
way of ridding yourself of stress inducers! No notifications, no emails, no calls. Just
switch it off, even for an hour – it will help bring down the ‘noise’. That disconnection
can help keep you calm.

4. Have a laugh! Ok, you’re stressed out, you’re feeling down, and your boss is giving
you grief. Get on youtube and look up you’re favourite comedian. Or check out the
silliest scene from your favourite Simpsons episode. Or download that comedy
podcast you keep meaning to listen to, or even just log in to your group chats on
WhatsApp to see what the gang are gossiping about. (only after you’ve switched your
phone back on of course!) There are many ways to get a laugh quickly.. after all,
laughter is the best medicine.


5. Run and Exercise. Yep, running isn’t always fun. Going hell for leather on a treadmill
isn’t everyones cup of tea, or doing that gym class your mates keep going on about
isn’t for you. BUT exercising is good for the body AND mind.  Exercise prepares your
body for stress, because your body thinks you’re in a stressful situation. So, your brain
releases chemicals to help fight that stress, which is why you feel that endorphin high after you’re finished. Even if it’s short, get a little exercise in and you’ll
feel much better.