Stay farm safe!

In appreciation of Farm Safety Week 2017, this year at Ayrton we would like to send our nod of recognition to all those who engage in farm related work in a safe and aware manner. The farming and agricultural sectors remain one of Ireland’s most primary industries and makes up 6% of the Irish workforce.



The Health and Safety Authority estimates that it will spend €417,000 on farm safety initiatives in 2017, maintaining funding at 2016 levels. This initiative aligns with national efforts to combat farm related injuries and deaths!
According to the HSA a large proportion of logged workplace related injuries occur in agriculture. It is important to realise that Irish farms remain to this day one of Irelands most hazardous workplace environment with published official reports stating current Irish farm fatalities remain high, with 30 reported deaths in 2014.



The HSA provides us with the knowledge that unfortunately there is an increase in farm injuries since 2014 on Irish farms. It is important to stay farm safe and contribute to farm safety, so check out the vast selection of Farm Safety courses we provide here at Ayrton!


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By Melissa Hegarty for Ayrton Group