Tips To Improve Food Safety in Your Business

Tips To Improve Food Safety in Your Business

Tips To Improve Food Safety in Your Business

A big problem for managers and food business owners is keeping their employees motivated about food safety. Hospitality workers have long grumbled over the seemingly excessive rules and regulations when dealing with food prep and service. They feel like recording everything to within an inch of its life, ticking off endless checklists, responding to the same questions again and again, knowing instinctively that the answer will be near identical, is a waste of time. And this is the attitude that can get businesses in trouble.

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The Food Safety Authority are there to act as a body to which all food businesses are answerable and their tight grip over food prep and service, should not be underestimated considering that every month the HSE food safety authority take action on noncomplying food businesses around the country.  

A strict and well documented food safety strategy is a must. At the end of the day, the steps taken are there to protect both the business and the consumer from harm and it is with this in mind that managers and employees should approach this responsibility.  Acceptance is the only path forward, so you might as well start today (especially if you consider that a closure order is tantamount to a death sentence for a food business)

If you have been lagging behind on your food safety management within your food business, the first step you can take is to establish a HACCP system within all food prep and handling areas. And you can do that today.

Have a sconce at the FSAI website here to begin this process and reaffirm your commitment and obligation as a food service provider to maintain the highest standards possible when cooking and preparing food.

The next logical step is to ensure that all your staff are trained up, signed off and diligently working to maintain these standards that you as a business owner, have spent money and time investing in. If you are looking into making this step, you can check out our courses here

The number one cause of food poisoning is poor personal hygiene. So, if you’re looking to hammer home the idea of food safety with your employees here are some simple tips to get you started:

  1. Make sure all facilities have adequate soap, running water and hand dryers/disposable paper towels. If you give people an excuse not to do something, they will more than likely take it. Put the upkeep of the staff toilet and changing areas on your list of priorities and check that everything is in order, every day.
  2. Put some antibacterial gel by all sinks and food disposal areas. This is a simple trick that will allow your employees to keep their hands clean without even thinking about it.
  3. ASK. Nothing scares the bejaysus out of people more than being asked if they did something, even if they have done it. Make it a habit to ask your employees if they’ve washed their hands after taking a break for example. You’ll soon find that they’ll do it without thinking.
  4. Make it fun. Be creative with your signage and use some humour! Nothing sticks better in our minds that a silly joke or pun.

Let us know what you’re biggest challenge is in your food business or any tips you might have for keeping food safety at the fore of your business.

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