World Heart Day

World Heart Day

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We have all fallen victim to a broken heart in our time however heart related safety is so much more than that. Here at Ayrton we understand the importance of heart related safety and to celebrate World Heart Day we have provided a few reasons why AED and first aid is so fundamental to ensuring your workplace is safe.
HSA defines First-aid to mean either:

(a) Treatment in a life-threatening situation (e.g. heart stoppage or severe bleeding) pending medical help, or

(b) Treatment for minor injury (e.g. cuts or bruises).

In relation to preserving life, the “chain of survival” concept is recognised. This is based on four vital links to save a life:
(i) Early access
(ii) Early cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
(iii) Early defibrillation
(iv) Early advanced care.
First-aid does not include the administration of drugs or medication.

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is one of vital actions one must take when tending to a casualty. This is why First Aid is one of the most essential courses to know when taking measures to ensure your workplace is safe. According to the HSA, the provision of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in workplaces to prevent sudden cardiac death should be also seriously considered. Early defibrillation using an AED is one of the vital factors in the ‘chain of survival’.

To ensure your workplace is safe when it comes to heart related casualties, wherever there is an occupational first-aider in a workplace, provision of an AED should be considered. The training of other employees who are not occupational first-aiders in the use of AEDs is also encouraged. First Aid courses ensure there are a sufficient number of people in your workforce are properly equipped with the know-how in heart related casualties. This will be to the standard set out nationally by the Irish Heart Foundation and the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council.

World Heart Day is an incredible day for building awareness on the importance of having the correct avenues readily available if a heart related crisis does occur. Take extra care in your workplace to ensure you are ready if ever an accident does occur. Know safety, no accidents!

For safety related courses on First aid and AED check out and for all your heart safety needs!

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