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Beginner or Expert – there’s always room for more learning!
According to the Health and Safety Authority the transportation and storage sector has the third highest worker fatality rate each year, after agriculture and construction.
There cannot be room for complacency when it comes to operating a forklift. Operating a forklift truck is a specialised skill. At Ayrton, we provide a variety of Forklift courses designed to train beginners, and provide a refresher to experienced drivers.

At Ayrton, we provide 3 forklift driving courses;
Forklift Training Refresher for where successful candidates receive a valid Fork Lift Driver certificate, which is valid for 3 years.

Our Forklift Training for Experienced Trainees course is a two-day course is designed for experienced operators who do not hold a certificate. Attendees would be experienced operators who are familiar with the steering characteristics of the lift truck and have the ability to manoeuvre both forward and reverse in a confined area.

Finally, Forklift Training for beginners will teach participants everything from Operating a forklift truck safely, reducing the risk of injury to operators and pedestrian, learning the consequences of taking certain kinds of chances to handling awkward loads. Those who achieve the required standard will receive Ayrton Group certificate at the end of the course.

For more, contact us, and read more on our Forklift courses >here<

HSA publishes 2016 Annual Report

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) today (Wednesday 16th August) published its 2016 Annual Report outlining major activities, achievements and outcomes over the course of the year.

Key highlights include:

  • 10,477 inspections and investigations undertaken
  • 6,497 inspections carried out in the high-risk farming, construction and fishing sectors
  • Written advice provided in over 4,301 inspections
  • 369 improvement notices and 413 prohibition notices issued
  • 17 prosecutions taken leading to fines of €614,000
  • 779 market surveillance checks of chemical products on the Irish market
  • Over 8,000 new users of the Authority’s BeSMART tool for small business managers
  • Over 13,000 courses taken on our e-learning portal
  • Participation of over 26,000 students on the ‘Choose Safety’ programme
  • Publication of 27 new guideline documents
  • Implementation of major awareness raising campaigns aimed at general workers, new workers, construction workers and farmers
  • Approximately 20,000 contacts to our customer call centre

The Minister for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, Pat Breen TD said: “I welcome the progress made by the Health and Safety Authority in the pursuit of its goal of making workplace safety, health and welfare an integral part of doing business in modern Ireland. Tragically, 46 people were killed in work related activities in 2016.  Although this is a welcome decline of almost 20% on the 2015 figure, there is clearly still much to be done.  I urge all employers, large and small, to ensure that the safety and health of their employees, and anyone affected by their work activity, is at the core of their business pursuits. Anything less is unacceptable”.


Martin O’Halloran, Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Authority said: “Last year was a successful year for the Authority although there are certain industry sectors, for example farming, that remain an area of concern.  As well as undertaking a wide range of enforcement activity across a variety of industry sectors, we also continued to focus on our prevention activity with the development of several important educational and awareness raising initiatives.  It is this combination of prevention and enforcement activities that I believe will deliver the best outcomes”.


Tom Coughlan, Chairman of the Health and Safety Authority said: “The remit of the HSA is exceptionally broad and includes an important role in relation to the risks to people arising from chemicals used at work and at home.  We continued a take a lead role nationally on chemicals and their health impacts, both in relation to workers and consumers.  Over 1,200 inspections under chemicals legislation were undertaken with a view to providing advice and support and, where appropriate, to take enforcement action”.

To download a copy of the 2016 Annual Report and Statistics Summary visit 


Get a taste for food safety!

At Ayrton we LOVE our food. Seriously, you should see lunchtime in our office – a bunch of Jamie Oliver & Nigella Lawson wannabes! Oh, and the odd Instagrammer.. (yes we have some of those here too!)

So whether we’re lining the pockets of our local Deli owner, sitting in a nearby cafe, or enjoying a delicious lunch at our favourite restaurant, we appreciate what goes into the preparation of a tasty meal. We also know that it’s a legal requirement that all food handlers undertake food safety training.

Ayrton Group have the expertise you need, and participants of our food safety training will receive a comprehensive training and knowledge about food safety, good hygiene practices and HACCP.

Our Basic Food Safety & Hygiene will take place at your premises and will last half a day. From Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness, to Prevention of Food Contamination, the course covers a wide range of modules and will end with a short multiple choice test.

For clients working in the food & catering sector (e.g. industry, service sector, Catering, Hotel, B&B, Crèches), distribution and wholesale we provide our Primary Course in Food Safety which is certified by EHOA (Environmental Health Officers Association). The cert is valid for 5 years and details of the premises are recorded on the EHOA database.

This is in an in depth 2 day course, with full details HERE

For all information on our Food Safety courses then click here , or use the contact section!

In fact, let’s do lunch!

Sales assistant out of work after ladder fall settles €60k claim case for undisclosed sum

A 28-year-old sales assistant, who fell from a ladder in a Dublin Dorothy Perkins store, has settled a €60,000 personal injuries claim against her employer for an undisclosed sum.
Barrister Paul Gallagher, counsel for Charlene Fagan, of Arbour Terrace, Arbour Hill, Dublin, told the Circuit Civil Court that the case had been settled following talks between the parties and could be struck out with an order for Ms Fagan’s legal costs.
Mr Gallagher, who appeared with Anderson Gallagher Solicitors, told Judge Jacqueline Linnane that the settlement had been reached on the basis of a continuing denial of negligence and liability on the part of the store.

Ms Fagan sued Arcadia Group Multiples (Ireland) Limited which trades as Dorothy Perkins with a registered office at Grand Canal Square, Dublin.
She alleged in her damages claim that in February 2015 she had fallen from a ladder in the Dorothy Perkins stock room at Jervis Street Shopping Centre, Jervis Street, Dublin.

Fagan stated she had been standing on the ladder and had been reaching up to a high rail while attempting to put hangers bearing jeans onto the rail when some of the hangers broke.
This had caused the load to become unstable and was responsible for her losing her balance and falling on her back to the store room floor. The following day she had been treated at St James’s Hospital for low back soft tissue injuries.

She had continued to attend her doctor and was treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication and analgesia. She was unable to work for a week and then returned to limited duties.
Fagan had alleged the store had failed to provide appropriate platform steps to assist staff placing garments on high rails and requiring staff to stand on the top step of the ladder exposing them to a risk of injury.

Her lawyers also alleged the company had failed to carry out a risk assessment to ensure that the appropriate access equipment was provided in the stockroom.
Dorothy Perkins denied negligence in a full defence to Fagan’s claim and alleged she had overstretched and had failed to seek assistance from colleagues. The store claimed she had been careless or inattentive for her own safety and had been the author of her own downfall.

Dancing on the job

The Health and Safety Industry has a reputation for being a tad ‘unsexy’… dare we say dull or dry?  We decided to break that stereotype!

Check out this video and tell us if your worksite has ‘that guy’


We took a tongue-in-cheek look at safety in the workplace with construction workers breaking into their own dance party / karaoke session.  The video features numerous examples of ‘unsafe’ behaviours, not to promote unsafe behaviour, but rather, to let you know that working with the Ayrton Group will help you eliminate workplace accidents.

For safety training, consultancy & staffing solutions, get in touch! (Dance lessons not included)

National Safe at Home Week

This week at Ayrton we’re celebrating the importance of safe at home week! We of course are incredibly big advocates for safe work places and the importance of safe working environments for all. However, we are also adamant believers that what you learn within these courses can be brought home and applied to achieve the optimum safe place in your home also.



National Safe at Home weeks highlights the importance of safety at home. Home is a safe place and it is naturally ingrained within society that it should be space of comfort and security. With this said it is so important to apply the same care you have learned to apply when take precaution at work, to apply this caution at home to ensure safety always.



Think work safety, think home safety – there should be no difference in efficiency and stringency of method when considering one’s safety. Think food safety, think fire safety and think ergonomics – these are all concepts that should be handled with care throughout every aspect of life, from work to home.


We are advocates for safety at work, and at home. So, this National Safe at Home week know safety, no accidents!

By Melissa Hegarty for Ayrton Group

Woman who fell after Dublin Bus moved off before she sat down loses claim

Dublin Bus (Stock photo)1

A woman who suffered a ‘nasty’ injury after falling backwards down the stairs of a Dublin Bus which moved off before she was seated on the top deck is not entitled to damages, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Margaret McGarr’s appeal raised an important question about the extent of Dublin Bus’ duty of care to passengers on a double decker bus, the three judge court noted.

It was “utterly unreasonable and unrealistic” to impose a duty of care requiring Dublin Bus drivers to check passengers are securely in their seats before driving off, Mr Justice Michael Peart said.

To require the driver not to drive away until he was satisfied Ms McGarr had reached the top of the stairs would impose an “impossible” standard of care that “completely ignores the realities of modern day bus travel”.

Dublin Bus was also entitled to assume “common knowledge” that buses, because of their sheer size and the volumes of traffic they typically travel in the city, “tend to sway and lurch a bit”, even when driven with great care, he said.

People know this, and know they need to hold onto the rails provided when standing on either of the decks or moving around, he said.

Drivers are required to take “reasonable care” and the evidence in this case, including from CCTV footage, was the driver did not move forward in any abrupt, sudden or violent manner, he said.

While railings were provided on each side of the stairs, Ms McGarr failed to keep hold of either railing as she mounted the final three steps of the stairs, he said. That alone was what caused her to lose balance when the bus moved off and there was “no breach” of the duty of care owed to her by Dublin Bus.

While having “every sympathy” for Ms McGarr over her injury, and the obvious distress she suffered at the time, he agreed with the High Court she was unfortunately the “author of her own misfortune” by mounting the stairs in the manner found.

He was giving the court’s unanimous judgment dismissing Ms McGarr’s appeal over the High Court’s rejection of her claim.

Ms McGarr was home from England and staying with relatives in Glasnevin when the accident happened on October 3rd 2008. She boarded the No 19 bus about 8.30pm on her way to meet a friend in the Temple Bar area.

In her evidence, she said, as she approached the top of the stairs on the bus, there was a “very sudden jerk” of the vehicle which caused her to fall backwards and all the way down to the bottom of the stairs.

Another passenger gave evidence that, just before Ms McGarr landed at the bottom of the stairs, the bus jerked or jolted “quite violently” as it moved away from the stop.

Having viewed CCTV footage and heard all the evidence, including from engineers, the High Court found the bus had not moved away violently, Ms McGarr was not holding a handrail at the precise moment of her fall and she had not proven negligence against Dublin Bus.

Mr Justice Peart said he and the other members of the court had viewed the CCTV footage carefully and agreed with the High Court findings. The footage showed, at the time Ms McGarr fell, a male passenger continued to drink undisturbed from a can, he noted.

Batch of life-saving EpiPens recalled due to ‘quality defect’

by Eilish O’Regan

People who rely on EpiPens to give them a life-saving injection in the event of a serious allergic reaction are being asked to check their lot number due to the recall of some stocks.

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) said Meda Health Sales Ireland Ltd is recalling one batch of Epipen 300mcg Pre-filled Pens, used for the emergency treatment of acute allergic (anaphylactic) reactions.
EpiPens from the affected lot may fail to provide an injection of medicine when used, due to a quality defect issue found in a component part.

Anyone who has an EpiPen for their own use or for someone in their care is urged to check for lot number 5FA665G and to ensure affected pens are immediately replaced.
Lot 5FA665G includes a total of 998 Epipens supplied to the Irish market and it is estimated that the defect is associated with only a small percentage of pens in the lot.

If you identify an EpiPen from the affected lot, you should return it to your pharmacy, where a replacement, unaffected pen will be provided free-of-charge.
EpiPens stored in other locations such as schools or workplaces are also urged to be checked.

If you are in possession of an EpiPen with a lot number not listed, then the pen is unaffected and you do not need to take any action.
In line with existing medical guidelines, it is advised that patients continue to carry two pens at all times.

Only EpiPens from lot 5FA665G are being recalled. If your pen has a different lot number, then you do not need to return it to your pharmacy.

Vehicle accidents responsible for 45% of all workplace fatalities in Ireland

Today, The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) will begin a nationwide work related vehicle safety inspection and information campaign.  Vehicles are the cause of the bulk of work related fatalities.   The campaign will last two weeks and will focus on four key sectors: Transport and Logistics; Wholesale and Retail; Waste and Recycling and Manufacturing.

The purpose of the campaign is to make sure that employers are aware of their legal responsibilities for managing vehicle risks, and to help them reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Over the last 6 years, just under half (45%) of all workplace fatalities have involved vehicles. In the same period nearly one in five (18%) of all non-fatal accidents were vehicle related.

An analysis of HSA accident statistics indicates that the majority of these fatalities occurred during the manoeuvring, reversing or coupling and uncoupling of vehicles. Non-fatal injuries generally occurred during the manual handling of loads or as the result of falls from vehicles.

Deirdre Sinnott, Senior Inspector with the HSA says that the risks can be reduced by focusing on four key areas.

“Firstly, employers should have a vehicle risk management policy that covers all vehicle related activities in the workplace.  This includes not only vehicles operated by employees but also those visiting that need to be managed and controlled. It is also important that procedures are in place to eliminate and control known risks associated with:  driving for work, loading and unloading, deliveries and collections, parking, reversing and manoeuvering. Then safety information, instruction and training should be provided for all employees and finally, a method to record and learn from all incidents or near misses and take corrective action where necessary.”

For Vehicle Safety, check out our Fleet Management course

Hospice Coffee Morning

Who doesn’t enjoy a morning coffee? What better way to start off your morning right than with a good ole cup of joe, especially if it’s for such a great cause!


Here at Ayrton we celebrate the 25 year anniversary of Irelands Biggest Coffee Morning by joining in on the charity fun and hosting a coffee morning every day this week in our Dublin & Cork offices and training centres in aid of our chosen local hospices, Marymount in Cork and Harolds Cross in Dublin.


We are gathering clients, trainees, family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to enjoy a cup of Bewley’s coffee in support of our local hospices and homecare service. The annual fundraiser has seen 34,000,000 euro raised across cities, towns and villages, helping support specialist palliative care across Ireland.




Our donations from the coffee mornings hosted here at Ayrton will contribute to the mass of generous donations that will help provide vital frontline services such as Homecare Palliative Nurses on the road. Homecare Nurses provide the invaluable relief to families of knowing their loved ones are comfortable and at peace in their own homes whilst allowing for patients to live out their days with dignity and respect, making the most of their precious time with families and friends.


The chance for everyone here at Ayrton to contribute to this great cause is incredible and we are excited to give to such a worthy cause. Keep an eye out on Facebook for a sneak peek into coffee mornings Ayrton style this week.


By Melissa Hegarty for Ayrton Group